U-PVC Pressure Pipes

U-PVC Pipes are installed by using special glues or integrated seals, apart different from PE 100 Pipe Systems. The pipes should be manufactured according to TS EN 1452-6 standards.
The U-PVC pipes are manufactured with integrated sockets and during storage process socket endings should not be put on to each other.
Similar to PE 100 Pipes, U-PVC Pipe Systems should not be exposed to sun direct light for a long time. Sun may damage the pipe features by time.
During the installation of U-PVC integrated socket pipe systems, a lubricant should be used.
For the second type of U-PVC Pipes, tangit or similar glue type should be used during installation.
PE 100 Pipes and U-PVC pipes should be installed by using sand and stones, impacts should be avoided to maintain the pipe life for a long time.