Injection Moulded Plastic Chambers

Plastic Chambers and Manholes are used for connection and inspection of rain water, sewage and drainage lines. Necessary quantities in the projects are calculated with hydraulic calculation methods.
The inlet diameters are usually 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm and 400mm and various types of corrugated, drainage, PE 100 or U-PVC pipes may be connected to the chambers. 1000mm and 800mm manholes are suitable for worker entrance which enables the cleaning of the chamber easier and faster. Especially for the manholes which are deeper than 1,4 meters 1000mm or 800mm manhole type should be chosen.
For smaller inlet diameters; 600, 400 and 315mm chambers with height of lower than 1,4 meters, may be cleaned without the worker’s entering in to the chamber. Small diameter inlet chambers are mostly used for house connections.