Syphonic Water Drainage Systems

Syphonic Water Drainage Systems are designed as an alternative system to classical conventional system to send the water away safely, effectively and fast. It may create a problem to send the water away from big square meter roofs with classical conventional PVC systems in middle and long term usage. The PVC entrance in the roof may be filled in dust and dirt by time, and this causes a trouble of discharging less water than calculated, and this problem may end with leakage from the roof, or worse roof collapse. PVC entrance is open to air entrance and because of this air is discharged instead of water. In symphonic systems, the pipes and fittings are manufactured THPT (high resistant thermo plastic ) or PE 100 raw material. PE 100 systems are used generally in symphonic systems; however HTPT class type pipes and fittings prevent fire drops and they are in BS1D0 class, which is the highest rate for plastics against fire classificaition. It is very important for PE 100 pipes being tempered during production process. If standard PE 100 pipes are used in the systems, then because of the negative pressure in the system, there will be cracks in pipe.
• The pipe lines work %100 effectively.
• The carried water quantity may be up to 10 times more
• The system cleans itself when it works full capacity.
• There will be a cost save regarding excavation point quantity
• Less labour with time save
• Special design for project and hydraulic calculation