Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes are used carrying and discharge of water and fluid in water, canalisation, irrigation and industrial projects by gravity systems. They are also used for protection of cable systems.

SN norm is important for currogated pipe systems. Practically, SN4 type corrugated pipes are used for the places where there is no traffic load.

SN8 type corrugated pipes are used for areas where there is traffic load on sand.

SN value is calculated according t ISO 9969 standard.

SDR=Out Diameter/Wall Tickness=S2+1

SN4, 4kN/m2=400 kg/m2

SN8, 8 Kn/m2=800 kg/m2

Corrugated pipe diameters are measured with inlet dimensions; however PE 100 and U-PVC Pipe diameters are meausred by outer dimensions. 

There is a standard type of production for U-PVC and PE 100 Pipes because there is an international standard for outer dimension measurement method; however the standard for corrugated pipes is different. There is a standard for inlet dimension measurement, so outer diameter of corrugated pipes differ for each manufacturer. 

Therefore, the corrugated fittings differ for each manufacturer. In corrugated fittings, the outer diameters should be mentioned before production in order to avoid any falilure.

During storage in warehouse, it is important to prevent direct sun exposure on the pipes; also corrugated socket endings should not be put on to each other; otherwise the smash of sockets may cause leakage in connections.

The corrıgated pipes can be loaded telescopically to save transportation cost. The corrugated pipes are manufactured according to TS EN 13476-3 standards.